La Vall de Ribes

Nowadays, the Vall de Ribes holds a prominent position as a mountain tourist destination all year round. In the valley, you will find all the facilities of a tourist area but will not have to suffer from the overcrowding of other resorts.
At the Vall de Ribes you will enjoy a wonderful landscape, a country area that wraps up and pervades everything with an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, the direct contact with nature, mountains within easy reach and woods close by, and quality of life.

At the Vall de Ribes you will be able to discover the nobility and the way of understanding life and territory of a farming and cattle-raising past, routed in the soil and the people, still present nowadays.

A cool and pleasant summer climate, the beauty of its surroundings, the streams of mining water and the great skiing facilities nearby have made of this town, as far back as the beginning of the twentieth century, a privileged summer and mountain-tourist resort.

At the Vall de Ribes you will be able to enjoy nature all year round. The valley offers the possibility of practising a wide variety of relaxing activities: walking across the valley and discovering its many springs; enjoying the sight of the wide and varied shades of colours that every season brings out; walking up to one of the many meadows of the valley; gazing at a star-spangled night sky or visiting one of the Romanesque churches.

At the same time, Ribes is the door to many Pyrenean valleys that offer a wide range of possibilities for mountain sports: hiking, climbing, potholing, riding mountain bikes, horse-riding, archery and, particularly, skiing.

During the winter, and due to its ideal location, the Vall de Ribes has always been a point of reference both for ski mountaineering as for downhill ski, in the skiing resorts of Núria, La Molina or Masella.

Either on foot from Ribes or approaching by car and continuing on foot, there are many walks and excursions that will enable you to explore the flora, the fauna and the landscape of the Vall de Ribes.

Although all these excursions have their own special charm, we would like to highlight the ascent to the peak of the Taga (2038m) – the most emblematic mountain of Ribes- , the peak of the Puigmal, the old path from Queralbs to Núria, Fontalba, and the “ Collet de les Barraques ”. The short stroll that takes you up to the Sant Antoni Chapel (1271m) is a must. There, you will enjoy a magnificent panoramic view with Pardines to the East, the peak of the Taga and the village of Bruguera right in front; the mountains of the Vall de Núria to the North, with the outstanding peak of the Puigmal; and the Collada de Toses and the foothills of La Molina to the West, with the neighbourhoods and villages of the Vall de Ribes in the foreground. From this point you can also enjoy the view of the village of Ribes and the Roca de la Creu at the foot of the mountain.The Vall de Ribes is also a very attractive place for hunting-lovers and particularly, for fishing enthusiasts.

The waters of the valley’s rivers preserve the variety of trout native to the area which is genetically the purest one of the European continent. For this reason, it is nowadays an area of Genetic Reserve.

The Vall de Ribes is also abundant in a great variety of forest fruits. In springtime you can find the seasonal wild mushrooms from the woods (” correjoles ”, ” murgules ” or “ muixernons ”). In summertime, bush berries such as strawberries, raspberries and sloes; in September, blackberries; and in Autumn the seasonal much prized wild mushrooms, such as “ ceps ”, “ fredolics ”, and particularly, the fleshy wood mushroom, the “ rovellons ”.

La Vall de Núria

The Vall de Núria is the highest mountainous spot of the Vall de Ribes. Located at 2,000 metres above sea level and surrounded by the impressive peaks of Puigmal, Finestrelles, Noufonts and Noucreus, almost 3,000 metres high, it is an ideal starting-point for a great number of excursions and the ideal place for practising ski mountaineering.
The Vall de Núria is a beautiful valley hidden amid the mountains. It is an oasis of peace and nature, steeped in history and imbued in tradition, a site where you can practise a wide range of activities related with nature, snow and high-mountain.

The only mechanical way to get to the Vall de Núria is a cog railway, which winches up its way for 12,5 km. in a steep ascent of 1,000 metres, unfolding a breath-taking sight of impressive beauty, a foretaste of the spectacular and peaceful natural site you will find at the end of the line.

The Vall de Núria offers the possibility of practising a great variety of different activities.

The cog-railway ticket price includes free use of the cable car and free access to indoors activities such as the exhibitions on Shepherds and their Paths and Nature, visiting the Centre for Environmental Interpretation, watching the documentaries on Núria on show at the auditorium or visiting the exhibition on the history of Núria at the church.

There are many other different activities which range, depending on the season, from guided trips, to outings on horseback, climbing to the peaks, archery circuits, snowshoe outings, sledding down the slopes, hiring a boat, making igloos, children playground areas, snow park and miniature golf, to name but a few.

In addition, we must not forget the religious side of the Vall de Núria. This secluded valley is an ideal place for spiritual withdrawal. The visit to the Sanctuary and the Saint Gil chapel is a must, as is also contemplating the legacy of a Virgin Mary that has been venerated for more than a thousand years, or following some of the ancestral traditions of the place, such as sticking your head inside the pot to obtain the so longed fertility or making the bell ring to cure a headache.